Marco's Recipes - Macaroni of Lobster

Marco's Recipes - Macaroni of Lobster
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Macaroni of Lobster with Fresh Tarragon


• Lobster (1+1/4 lb = 2 ptns), 285gm lobster meat per ptn
• Lobster Bisque, 200ml
• Tarragon Leaves x 10, 2gm
• Macaroni Cooked (small), 140gm
• Micro Cress, 1gm


To order, heat up 200ml of Lobster sauce, add 7 tarragon leaves cut length ways into 3s and add to sauce for 60 seconds to infuse. Take 140gm ptn of cooked macaroni and add to sauce, heat for one minute then add portion of Lobster meat (1/2 of whole lobster) and fold through until hot, serve in a hot bowl, garnish with micro cress, serve as per image.


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